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Ideal Concept

We cater to all interior design projects, including HDB renovation, Condo interior design, and Commercial interior design. Regardless of the types of establishments and size, our main focus is quality, thus resulting in many referrals and satisfied returning customers.

We take pride in constantly providing services and creativity that excel others with efficiency, on time schedule and professionalism. Thus let us join hands with you to embark on a hassle free journey to transform your home or commercial establishment into your dream property with our innovative designs which are both aesthetics as well as functional.

Principal Interior Designer

Maurice Chow

Principal Interior designer, Maurice Chow, is a man of humble beginnings with extraordinary dreams. Prior to setting up his own interior design company, Ideal Concept, Maurice worked more than fourteen hours a day for various interior design firms wherein he was tasked to come up with exquisite designs for numerous clients, oversee the onsite renovation works and managing the vendors.

Creating a positive client relationship is the nucleus of Maurice’s dogma. He understands the importance of being patient and listening to client’s needs and requirements. He believes a positive relationship with clients is the key in creating designs that will not only turn heads, but more importantly, an endearing and comfortable personal space for them and their family.

Maurice promotes a liberal environment at Ideal Concept wherein he allows his team members to pitch in their ideas before coming up with a final design direction for a specific project within the budget. This process has enable Ideal Concept to blend different elements that create an exquisite dream home for their clients.

Regardless of his success, contractor-turned-interior designer Maurice knows that he still has a lot to learn. His desire for learning has managed to add colours not only to his life but also to the designs that are produced by Ideal Concept . This mindset enabled the company to maintain their professional creativity and passion in the evolving world of interior design.

Interior Designer Maurice Chow

“To enhance the quality of life for whom we serve” – Maurice Chow

I Mission

Create a memorable experience for our clients while enhancing the quality of life for all that we serve

Strive to always exceed expectations, delivering quality interior designing solutions that meets the timeline and budget

II Vision

Our team believes that building a home should be an enjoyable, fuss-free process. This is why our clients get to dream big without worry as our team transforms dream homes into reality, setting every home apart from the predictable and mediocre.

III Values

Gain trust and respect from our customers by being honorable and honest in all that we say and do

Continuous training, sharing and upgrading to achieve personal excellence

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